Czech smelly cheese museum, Bouzov castle and Nature Park Kladecko (1 day)

Basic Information:

  • Duration: 1 full day
  • The way there:
    • 6:28 by train from Brno main train station to Olomouc (arrival at 7:52)
    • 8:33 by train from Olomouc to Moravičany (arrival at 8:56)
    • all of these connections operate every day
  • The hiking route: (22 km)
  • The way back:
    • 20:08 by bus from Hvozd to Prostějov (arrival at 21:06)
    • 21:10 from Prostějov to Brno (arrival at 21:55)
    • or 21:23 by train from Prostějov to Brno (arrival at 22:36)
    • all of these connections operate every day
  • Main sites to visit
  • Tips for Local pubs for refreshments


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Winter crossing of the Jeseniky mountains (December 12 – 13)

A two days hiking in the wilderness of the highest mountains of Moravia and hiking to the second highest mountain range of the whole Czech Republic..

We enjoyed a plenty of snow and a lot of hiking.

The first day, on Saturday we took an early morning train from Brno and went to the south part of the Jeseniky mountains. We hiked around 20 km and crossed the main range and finnished the day at the highest peak Praděd. There, on the top of Moravia, we spent a night  in a local hostel.

The second day, on Sunday we hiked around 20 km visiting rocky parts of the mountain range and finished crossing of the whole Jeseniky mountains range in a small village from where we took a direct train back to Brno.



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Weekend in the National Park Podyjí – (24 – 25 October 2015)

“It was an amazing event, like walking in the nature beside the river enjoying sone conversation with some new people from other countries, especially when you finish the trip, you will feel like you are a hero … ” – Taher, Syria

“Two days in another world, the one we should visit more often, honestly.” – Marina, Russia

“Great colourful autumn nature experience with an international group. Best way to fill up your energy for another working week!” – Hanna, Germany

“We hiked in beautiful landscapes and went across the borders of Czech Republic to Austria. The leaders were very friendly and enthusiastic. I felt safe and very happy.” – Ashlee, USA

“A great deal of walking in a particularly beautiful environment with friends you never met before.” – Federico, Italy

“Really extraordinary experience, surely this was one of the best trip.” – Paolo, Italy



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Palava mountains – Autumn hike (4th of October 2015)


“Wonderful day in beautiful Czech nature with friends and great new people. Contains: Venus from Dolni Vestonice, Burcak, Castels and ruins, a little bit of climbing, entrance to a secret cave, view tower in Mikolov and pub in the end… And many more- never gets boring! Thanks to our guides we could just be relaxed about the organization part and explore many hidden attractions that we might not have spotted on our own! 🙂
Go for it!” – Hanna, Germany

“Hidden treasures of Czech Republic, than you will not find in your tour guide.” – Mikolaj, Poland

“An event where everything is taken care of for you and you can just enjoy. ” – Dana, Slovakia

“Good possibility to know a bit more what is Moravia about and meet new nice people.” – Ilya, Belarus

“That was wonderful opportunity to spend all day in the nature and see amazing places. I will recommend this trip for people who want to know Moravia region better. ” – Sandra, Lithuania

“ıt was amazing with perfect tour guides ” – gülşah, Turkey

“Just do it! If you are sick and tired of sitting in stuffy classrooms and spending your best years in the library, this is the chance you have to take. Pack your camera, forget your troubles and hit the road with these beautiful people who will show you the wonders of Moravia and make you fall in love with the world again. Don’t hesitate, don’t be afraid, it is wonderfully organized and all is already taken care of. It takes one step and here you go. The mountains await!” – Marina, Russia


More about the trip find on the Facebook event

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Palava mountains – Winter hike (22nd February 2015)

“I really enjoyed this trip and I would really like to suggest it to everybody who likes to hike and likes the nature in general. I think you don’t want to miss those beautiful places we saw. And also, the best thing is that the guides really did a great job because they had a lot of information about the places we visited and we learnt a lot from them. I really think that you would enjoy this trip.” Egzon, Hungary

“Excellent, very nice, must go with you guys” Santosh, India

“If you want to enjoy nature and if you like to be in action with different people from all over the world, join the englisch- outdoor- club- events!” Anna, Germany

“It was fantastic” Dipankar, India

“It is really amazing way to escape from city life, meet new people and enjoy the nature.” Lana, Latvia

“Walking around and climbing in inappropriate places with a lot of great people.” Zane, Latvia

“Enjoyed getting out of the city for a day to experience some Czech countryside. Guides were enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Great day out!” Daffyd, Wales 





More pictures and comments you can get from the Facebook event

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The Celts in the Iron Mountains (weekend of 2nd – 4th of May 2014)

After exceptionally fulfilled and fun weekends in spring and autumn previous year we continued to organize a similar event at spring!

“It was great event with loads of fun and activities involved. I definitely recommend to everyone to experience it and see the different side of Czech Republic, beautiful nature and hospitality of people :)” (Ritesh, India)

“We explored a nice part of the Czech Republic, met new people from different countries, spoke English, had a lot of fun, we were hiking, eating and drinking well, … and much more, of course ;-).
It was weekend full of trips “about 20 km long”, beer and rum, shortcuts which were longer, but worse (no, I´m kidding ;-)… and a lot of laughter!”
 (Pavla, Czech Republic)

“If you want to have fun, meet new people, be in contact with the nature while you get drunk, that´s the right trip for you!” (Sara, Spain)

“If you would like to feel the spirit of nature and the life of the Celts, or just enjoy a memorable weekend with fabulous people whom you can share a bottle of rum with, I definitely recommend you to participate in this event!!! 🙂 (Lars, Norway)

“Great fun for everybody! (Jiri, Czech Republic)

an iron mountains crew

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The Celts in the Iron Mountains (weekend of 11th – 13th of October 2013)

The second round of the Celtic weekend in the Iron Mountains went even crazier than the first one. The rain did not allow us to visit the first castle during the evening. So we went there during the night. We shined all ruins by candles and shared scary stories. The other days we enjoyed boats, traditional pig slaughters, castles, beer, campfire, puppet museum and much more…

“A great weekend, we did so much stuff it felt like five days not two. A very different perspective on the Czech Republic than what you get from just going to the main cities, full of unexpected surprises and a lot of fun. Good food, good alcohol, good people, (occasionally) good weather- what more do you need? “ (Ellan, Wales)

“Exciting, crazy but amazing :)” (Szilvia , Hungary)

“The weekend was high energy and tons of fun! So many conversations with awesome people as we walked through such beautiful scenery. I now have a greater understanding of Czech history and Czech culture that I would not have had without this trip. “ (Kara, USA)

“Explore the trails and admire the beautiful landscapes of the Iron Mountains, listen to long tales and amazing stories, drink homemade mead and feast on roasted pork and uncover some of the history from the Celtic tribes that lived on this lands. “ (Bernardo, Portugal)

“Amazing weekend spent with awesome people!” (Pavel, Czech Republic)

“Awsome! 3 days where you WILL (no matter happens not even raining like hell) see what almost anyone in Czech republic sees. You’ll travel trough lakes, castles, see celts traditions, some adventures at night, you’ll see some crazy people going into freezing water, awsome lizards, wood statues and you’ll live those days like it would be a life-time goal. In the end you’ll be dirt, exhausted, but most of all…happy for all the experience you earn during this trip. All the pain in your legs on the following day is worth and you’ll have a strange feeling that you could overrun it all and have one lifetime experience 🙂 “ (Tiago, Portugal)

“Good event on nature with its own character. Very interesting and joyful. Brilliant atmosphere and socializing” (Ilja, Belarus)

“The weekend spent in Iron mountains was really amazing. I know this area well, but in this weekend I saw it with different eyes. It was really strong experience: )” (Pavla, Czech Republic)


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